Our cellar and the 262 Lt Dolium amphorae

Our wines are mainly fermented and refined in Dolium Amphora of 262 Lt. Oven-fired amphorae in Spain and Italy.
Ánforas Dolium - Nuestra bodega y la fermentación

Our wines are carefully made, in their preparation process due to the small extension of our vineyards. Three hectares of vineyard, two of Bobal of more than 45 years and one of white Chardonnay of 35 years.

Small productions obtained also gives the low precipitations in summer. Our wines are planted in limestone and clay soils located west of the province of Valencia at an altitude of more than 700 meters.

The vineyards grow in an environment of continental climate influenced by the Mediterranean, such as the vitiños of Rioja and Ribera del Duero. We are a young, nonconformist and shamelessly daring winery.

Our wines are mainly fermented and refined in Dolium (Amphora) of 262 Lt. Amphorae cooked in the furnace, such as those of the famous amphora manufacturer Tinajas Padilla in Spain, now retired, and those of Tuscan Impruneta.