How the "THE BREATHING BOTTLE" was born

Terracotta Wines is a personal project that was born due to one of my trips to Italy. I was once in a cellar tasting different wines, and the most expensive one was a Riesling fermenting, in experimentation phase, in clay amphorae.

Is it possible to bottle wine in clay bottles?

Botella - TerraCotta Wines was excited with the idea of how would the wine mature in the amphorae, and I wondered whether it could also be possible to bottle the wine in bottles made with the same material.

Analyzing the matter, I realized that the biggest issue was to avoid the loss of liquid as the time would go by.

On a later trip to Italy, I went to speak to a childhood friend who works with clay and pottery. Together, we studied the process to provide the bottle with the required water tightness.

This feature on the bottle has been patented by me after many technical trials for several temperatures, materials and shapes.

It’s a handicraft product, made by a highly qualified human team, and exclusively for us, now done in Valencia.

This is how “the breathing bottle” is born, the invention that will be used to let the wine develop and age in the very same bottle, without waiting for the winery to do it.


CEO of TerraCotta Wines

“My name is Amos, I am a sommelier and my great passion for wine has led me to create the breathing bottle. To that end, I have studied how wine was preserved in antiquity and thus, I have solved the problem regarding the loss of liquid from the amphorae“

Do you like the idea?

Do you want to taste the wine?

Would you like to customize the bottle with your own trademark?


"Terracotta Wines" a unique project

For individuals and companies

The Terracotta Wines breathing bottle has many different features, and that is why it is interesting to many different people.
In this way, our exclusive bottle is useful to all: the individuals who want to give away something nice to other people and also the companies that want to customize the bottle with their own logo; to those who want to treat themselves to this bottle and reuse it, or the company that might bottle its own wine.
Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information about the bottle or about the possibilities of creating an exclusive cast and mould your company brand. We are at your disposal to satisfy whatever your requirements might be.

A gift that lasts in time

In today’s society, we live multiple occasions on which we would like to present a gift that would be appreciated by whoever receives it, being our wish that it will be useful, functional and will call up nice memories in the receiver.
Terracotta Wines has also thought about this and offers you the solution: the breathing bottle. Once the bottle has been used for its primary function, which is the transport of wine and the opportunity to satisfy the palate with a wine aged to its own taste whilst maintaining its original characteristics, it can be reused to keep cool any liquid.
In this way it becomes a valuable, delicate, elegant and, above all, handmade and exclusive gift.

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Terra Cotta Wines of Amos Benacchio has been the beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an Internationalisation Plan with the aim of improving its competitive positioning abroad during 2020. To this end, it has received support from the XPANDE DIGITALProgramme of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.