"Terracotta Wines" - "Chì Tào Jìu"

The logo

Logo TerraCotta Wines - La botella que respiraIt is easy to understand the brand, once you see the project description: “Terracotta” is for the material the bottles are made of and “Wines” because of its content.
In order to make the brand unique, and considering that I have started learning Chinese this year, I thought of including also the translation into this language that fascinates me so much.

The cork stopper

For this peculiar bottle of wine, I have decided to use a high quality cork from the Serra d’Espadà Natural Park, treated with beeswax, and made as ecologically as possible. It also bears our company logo branded with scalding.

The raw material employed to obtain the cork is FSC certified -the most rigorous system worldwide- to ensure that the cork comes from sustainably managed forests.

The Terracotta Wines brand to create an elegant packaging

The labels

Etiquetas TerraCotta Wines

The bottles are labelled with the names Daniela and Mey. One of the wines is Bobal, the region’s signature grape variety, and this one is called Daniela. The other wine is Merlot, which is called Mey. This grape is also admitted in the Utiel-Requena regulations.

The wine names have been chosen by me to match the young character of my two daughters with those varietals, and hence they bear their names.

The Box

The boxes are made in the province of Valencia. The wood comes from Castellón and it is certified, meeting the European IPPC regulations and phytosanitary measures for wood.


  • Improves wine "micro-oxygenation"
  • Keeps wine refrigerated
  • Eco-sustainable product
  • Reusable bottle


  • The idea
  • The doubts
  • Difficulties
  • The invention


CEO of TerraCotta Wines

“My name is Amos, I am a sommelier and my great passion for wine has led me to create the breathing bottle. To that end, I have studied how wine was preserved in antiquity and thus, I have solved the problem regarding the loss of liquid from the amphorae.“

Do you like the idea?

Do you want to taste the wine?

Would you like to customize the bottle with your trademark?


"TerraCotta Wines" a unique project

For the individual and for the companies

La botella que respira de Terracotta Wines presenta diferentes características y por eso son diversas las personas que pueden estar interesadas en ella.
En este sentido, nuestra exclusiva botella es de utilidad tanto para el particular que quiere tener un detalle elegante con otra persona, como para la empresa que quiere personalizar la botella con el proprio logotipo; desde quien quiere regalarse esta botella para poder reutilizarla hasta la empresa que quiere embotellar su proprio vino. No dudes en contactarnos para obtener información sobre la botella o sobre las posibilidades de hacer un molde exclusivo para tu empresa. Estamos a tu disposición para satisfacer cualquiera que sea tu exigencia.

A gift that lasts in time

In today’s society, we live multiple occasions on which we would like to present a gift that would be appreciated by whoever receives it, being our wish that it will be useful, functional and will call up nice memories in the receiver.
Terracotta Wines has also thought about this and offers you the solution: the breathing bottle. Once the bottle has been used for its primary function, which is the transport of wine and the opportunity to satisfy the palate with a wine aged to its own taste whilst maintaining its original characteristics, it can be reused to keep cool any liquid.
In this way it becomes a valuable, delicate, elegant and, above all, handmade and exclusive gift.

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