Botella terracotta para vino

Terracotta Wines “the bottle that breathes” is reusable and handmade by a Valencian craftsman (made in Spain).

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The mixture of the different clays and the specific firing temperatures give it the necessary solidity and consistency so that the liquid inside it does not leak over time. This production process allows the wine to be constantly micro-oxygenated in the bottle, a common characteristic of amphorae (or jars) and wooden barrels, without giving it the latter’s flavour, maintaining only its primary aromas, respecting the properties of the soil and the typical characteristics of the grapes.

After making a mould with the shape of the bottle, the different moulds are prepared one by one in which the liquid clay is poured inside. This process ensures that each bottle is exclusive – it can therefore have the imperfections typical of handmade work.

After allowing the clay to harden, each bottle is extracted and subjected to a cold process and subsequent baking. Once extracted from the oven they are cleaned one by one to eliminate any possible remains and thus leave them ready to receive the fruit of the grape.